16 January 2008

Making Waves

Wednesday afternoon we went exploring. John's Dad had found this beach the previous year so we decided to check it out. I wish I had taken more video there. The waves at this beach were huge and totally erratic. The girls and the dads went to play in the waves when we first got there, but less than 10 minutes later all of the little girls were done. Eden and Tayleigh both got knocked down by a wave and Tayleigh even got dragged under. Luckily John was standing right there and was able to grab them both before they could be swept out to sea. They were done with the water from that point on.

The beach was gorgeous and there was almost no one else there. We thought that our things were far enough away from the water, but one rouge wave taught us differently. It soaked all our stuff, ruined two cell phones and scared Tayleigh and Sammie to death. It almost took Eden with it again, but this time I was close enough to grab her. Later, Lindsay and Kensi were brave enough to get close to the waters edge and a huge wave that almost took out John and Spencer got Kensi. Spencer saved her.

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The Howards said...

It is always funny how kids love water ... until it works against them. Sounds like it was a pretty nice beach to hang out on.