15 January 2008

January in Hawaii

Excuse my absence, but we have spent the last week in Hawaii, and I didn't spend any time on the computer. John's parents took us, as well as his sister Amy and her family to Oahu for a week and it was amazing. We are all going through withdrawals and scowling at the snow. Eden has decieded that we should move to Hawaii for the winter. I'm with her on that one. We flew in on a Sunday and even though we were all exhausted, we were up by 5:30 Monday morning. After a scary allergic reaction by Seth, the moms went grocery shopping and the dads took the kids to the pool. I don't think I have ever seen anyone get so excited by a Sam's club as John's mom did! After we got home and made lunch we headed to the lagoon at the hotel. There we discovered how much Seth truly loves the water.

Watch the video and know that he really doesn't drown--it's kind of a cliffhanger!

Tayleigh and Eden had almost as much fun. There was a breakwater so the waves were tiny and the girls had no problems swimming around in their little floaties. I think that if I had let them, they probably would have gone just about all the way out to sea.

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Mother Goose said...

We are sooo jealous! It looks like everyone had a great time. Seth is such a natural in the water. Hawaii is too far away, I thing you guys should move to Arizona for the winter!