22 January 2008

Eden and Tayleigh's Hawaii

The day before we left for Hawaii, Grandma Ward gave the girls their own digital camera for a late Christmas gift. It was perfect timing. The girls got to take it to Hawaii and take all of the pictures they wanted. And they did. I lost track of how many pictures of carpet that I erased. These are some of the best.

Seth at the Polynesian cultural center.

Tayleigh in the car on the way from the airport to church.

Seth just randomly puts things in his mouth and leaves therm there. I think that Eden took this picture--It is the only one I have of him doing it.

The balcony.

At the Polynesian cultural center Sam borrowed the camera for a few minutes. the majority of the pictures that she took ended up like the one below--she had the camera turned around backwards.

3 people think my kids are cute!:

Mother Goose said...

Lucky girls! I would have loved a camera when I was their age. Lucky mom! You don't have to develop a whole roll of film to find out what pictures they took.

I am very impressed Eden and Tayleigh!

Erin said...

Hawaii?! How fun! Looks like you had a great trip! I'm glad you found my blog...I lost your number after you gave it to me! :) P.S. How do you search for other people's blogs?

aaron&marianne said...

what a fun vacation! you are so hooked up in jons family! my inlaws won't ever do that! we misssssssss your girls sooooooooooo much! lovelovelove to them and to little boy too!