30 December 2007

Christmas Blocks

I am terrible at taking pictures Christmas morning. I am usually too caught up in all of the excitement to remember to get my camera out and even if it is out, I don't use it. So the only thing I have from Christmas Day is a video of Seth. His one big present this year was a set of blocks. We have a few blocks, but nothing like this. The girls and I got them out and started building with them and Seth took it as his personal mission to knock down every single block that happened to be standing up. It was pretty hilarious.

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~W E N D Y ~ said...

That is so FUNNY -- We got Thomas blocks last year for Christmas and his birthday and for the next several months all he wanted to play was "BUILD IT KNOCK IT DOWN!" -- That's exactly what he called it too!!

Ethan hasn't quite gotten to that yet, mainly because we haven't pulled the blocks out in a while -- I'll have to do that and see what he does.