21 May 2006

Family Letter

Hello everyone!

What a week it has been. I don’t remember a lot, so I apologize. I’ll do the best I can. Monday morning I went walking with my friend Danica and her two little kids. Her daughter Katie is Eden’s best friend. Eden absolutely loves her. Whenever the girls see Katie they yell her name and if not strapped in the stroller, run up and give her a hug. Between the two of them they usually bowl her over. Katie is a tiny little thing, older than Tayleigh, but smaller. We walked and talked for a little over an hour and then came home and ran errands. That afternoon we headed up to Lehi. Since John had forgotten about mother’s day, he arranged for Sara and I to go get pedicures and go out to dinner while he an Mark watched the kids. We had a blast, mostly because there were no kids.

Tuesday we went walking again, and our water got turned off. I didn’t get a straight answer from the landlord but I don’t think that he paid his bill. They had it turned on again in a few hours, but I wasn’t too thrilled about the whole situation. Not the greatest confidence builder in our landlord. You know, I love this house, so I really hope that he can keep up his end of the bargain. We stayed home and played for the rest of the day. We had family home evening that night because we hadn’t had it the night before.

Wednesday morning we went walking again and ventured into the nearby cemetery. Wide walks and lots of shade, what more could you ask for! The girls and I stayed home and played most of the day, and when John came home I went to Old Navy, by myself. It was great! After we put the girls to bed John headed off to volleyball until late.

We started out walking again on Thursday and then came home and cleaned the house. I think that we went to Wal-Mart that afternoon and then went to Julie’s for a little bit to pick up Eden’s hat that she had left there the week before.

Friday we didn’t spend quite as long walking, Eden is starting to get bored of it. We came home and I weeded the front flower beds, which desperately needed to be done and which were full of spiders. We ran to the grocery store to pick up the stuff for dinner that night at Lesa’s. The girls were very excited to see their Grandma and Grandpa. When I told Eden they were coming she said, “They don’t live in California any more?” And when I explained that they were just here visiting she went out into the hall and started shrieking in joy. We headed over to Lesa’s early and got to spend lots of time with cousins and Grandma and Grandpa. The boys played volleyball and had a great time. We didn’t get home until 10:00.

That late night didn’t do us any good the next morning. We got up and headed back over to Lesa’s to go to the Mapleton Fireman’s breakfast. Some friends, Mike and Ashlyn came with us to meet John and Sondra because Mike will be staying at the house for a few days, starting next Thursday. He is the one who is doing the same internship as John. My girls love Ashlyn. She is so good with them. The breakfast was great and the kids had a great time climbing in the fire trucks. When Bob and Julie arrived we headed up the canyon for our hike. It wasn’t a long hike, or a hard one, but it was a lot of fun. There was a little area where the kids could dip their feet into the water and splash. For my girls it didn’t last to long. It was just too COLD! We wandered around a little bit and John showed the girls the glories of throwing rocks into the river, which entertained them until it was time to leave. We headed back to Lesa’s house to eat our sack lunches and the leftovers from last night’s dinner and then headed to Karla’s. The kids had a great time playing dress up, playing at the park and playing dress up. We got some pizza from Little Caesar’s and ate dinner together and then I took two very tired girls home with me while John stayed and played golf with Johnathan. Since Johnathan had to bring John home, John invited him to stay and watch a movie. They watched the movie while I watched Friends and worked on Tayleigh’s quilt. I’m so close!

This morning it was a little hard to wake up. While I was getting ready this morning Eden started balancing a shoe on her head. I told her she was a nut case. Her reply was, “Yes, that’s why I have a shoe on my head.” At least she knows she’s nuts. Sacrament was hard today since everyone was really tired. We have these little curious George toys and at one point the girls were fighting over them. Eden took that opportunity to yell about as loud as she could, “NO! I WANT THE MONKEY!” It took a while before I could discipline her, I was laughing too hard. My class was enjoyable, but exhausting as usual. My visiting teachers came over after church and then our home teachers after them. They have won the hearts of the girls: they bring candy. Today it was a ring pop. Tayleigh was a sticky mess. We didn’t realize how bad it was until John told Tayleigh to get a tissue for her nose, and the tissue stuck to her nose and her cheek and her mouth and her neck and her fingers. Needless to say, she ended up in the bath. So, that was our week. It was fun and crazy and I hope you enjoyed hearing about it!

Love, Rachel

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