08 April 2007

Family Letter

Happy Easter!

I hope you have all had a great Easter today. It has been pretty good for us.

Once again I am struggling to remember Monday. This whole week has been spent in preparation for the baby to come. I think that I babysat for a friend Monday morning. I had her 2 year old and 4 month old. Eden had a great time playing with the baby—until she started screaming. Eden couldn’t understand why the baby wouldn’t stop screaming. When I told her that is just what babies do sometimes, she announced that she didn’t like it and that it was too loud. She is in for a rude awakening in the next week or so. We ran errands that afternoon and then Mike and Ashlyn came over for FHE with us. We talked about Easter and for our activity watched Daddy and Mike put together our new kids’ picnic table.

Tuesday morning we walked to the library for story time. The girls had fun because we haven’t been able to go for quite a while because of preschool. I had a doctor’s appt. that afternoon and received no encouraging news. Julie watched the girls for me, and had fun, but they were bummed because Zach was asleep the whole time. I went VT that night. My goal was to get it done before the baby came, but I don’t know if that is actually going to happen or not . . .

Wednesday was ballet and Lesa was nice enough to keep the girls for me while I ran up to the hospital to pre-register. The hospital seems nice. I just hope that it will equal Madison’s standards! Since Tayleigh was sick on Wednesday, I thought that I would have to cancel my haircut that afternoon, but John was nice enough to come home early so that I could make it. I picked up a pizza on the way home, which Tayleigh was really excited about. It’s funny—that girl will do whatever you want her to when she is motivated. She totally cleared off the kitchen table and got dishes out for her and Eden just so that it would speed the process to her eating pizza. She makes me laugh. Not long after I got home John left to go play volleyball for the rest of the night. They played 3 games that night and won them all.

Thursday we ran tons of errands all morning long. I cannot remember the afternoon. Since it was such a nice day we decided to eat dinner outside and the girls had a great time eating on their new table. We need to get some lawn chairs for grownups. I had a meeting that night.

Friday morning John helped me take the car in to get the AC fixed. We spent the rest of the day cleaning, with a break to head to the park for playgroup. The girls had a blast. We really spent the whole day cleaning. That night, after picking up the car we headed up to American Fork to go to dinner with Mark and Sara and then let the girls play at their house for a couple of hours. We had a lot of fun. John and I stayed up late folding laundry.

Saturday morning John went golfing and I cleaned some more. I’m still not done, either. When John got home we headed over to a friends house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. We had a lot of fun. Their little boy is the same age as Eden and they get along pretty well. Tayleigh had a hard time, but I think all of the swings and ride on toys in their backyard made up for that. They are a really fun couple to be around. John is their Home Teacher and so we have gotten to know them through that. When we got home the girls were exhausted and we put them to bed really early which was great for everyone. I put the Easter baskets together while watching The Fugitive and then we went to bed.

The girls slept in this morning, which was great. I had time to shower and get breakfast started before they even got out of bed. They were really excited about their Easter baskets and had a lot of fun tearing those apart. I had a meeting this morning and then as soon as I got home John left to go Home Teaching. We didn’t have time to walk to church, which was kind of a bummer. Church went well and Eden got to go on an Easter egg hunt during primary. I really love our ward and enjoyed all the talks and lessons that were given today, but I really need to have this baby, because I just don’t think that I can sit through one more Sunday pregnant. We ran home for a minute after church and then headed up to my parents for dinner. We had a great dinner and the girls had lots of fun having Grandpa read to them, which I really think is their favorite part of going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. My Grandma was there and it was fun to see her. My mom spoiled the girls with Easter presents, which they adored, and then spoiled her soon to be grandson with cute clothes. We took my Grandma home on the way to our house, and the girls enjoyed riding with her. Overall, it has been a pretty good Easter.

This afternoon Eden was asking if our baby was going to come tomorrow, because all along, we have been saying that he will come after Easter. She was pretty disappointed when I told her that the baby was going to come pretty much whenever he wanted and he wasn’t going to tell me first. She is pretty excited about this baby getting here.

We love you all!


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