25 March 2007

Family Letter

Hello Family and Friends!

I think pregnancy is going to my brain. I really am struggling to remember this week. I am pretty sure that we had FHE on Monday and I think that we played Candy land. One thing I do remember, but I don’t remember what day it happened was the movie quote of the week. This week, it was Eden randomly proclaiming, “You can’t rush art.” Can you guess the movie? Last week it was Tayleigh, “My father’s not crazy!” It really cracks me up when, at the most random moments they burst out with these phrases.

Tuesday we went to preschool. Since it was so nice I let Tayleigh play at the park before it was time to pick up Eden. It has been a gorgeous week and it is so nice to be able to say yes pretty much every time the girls ask to go outside. That and I don’t have to get them bundled up. As long as they have shoes, we’re good.

Wednesday was ballet, but we didn’t stay at Lesa’s because I thought I had to baby-sit. My friend cancelled her plans at the last moment, and while it was a disappointment to the girls, it was nice for me because I had unexpected time to get a couple things done. I had a Dr’s appt that afternoon and the girls went with me. I am really lucky that they have a TV in their waiting room and that they play Disney movies. We were there for over and hour but the girls were great. We got home so late that I picked up a pizza on the way because I wouldn’t have time to make dinner before my meeting that night. John had hired a babysitter so that he could go play volleyball during my meeting, and I think that the girls enjoyed that.

Thursday was preschool again. I think that Eden feels a little left out because we don’t really stay and play at the park after preschool, but she knows that Tayleigh got to. I am going to have to humor her one of these days. I am pretty sure that John watched basketball all night. He filled out brackets for the tournament this year so he has more of a vested interest.

Friday was John’s birthday. I tried to let him sleep in, but a little while after I got the girls their first breakfast, they wouldn’t leave him alone, because I told them that I would make French toast (daddy’s favorite) after he woke up. The girls and I had a WIC appt. that morning and John headed to school. We ran some errands and got some presents and then came home. That afternoon I tried to get the girls to help me pick up the house. My approach was that it was Daddy’s birthday, and he would really like it if the house was clean. It kind of worked. They were willing to get their stuff out of the living room, but Eden didn’t want to clean her room. When I told her that Daddy would really like it if it was clean, she announced that we could just close both doors. Then he couldn’t see it messy. I wonder where she gets that from . . . As soon as John got home we had to open presents: the girls were much more excited than he was. They made him “cards” and I printed a birthday sign off the computer, which they colored. It is kind of funny how excited they got over someone else’s birthday.

Saturday the girls and I walked over to a neighbor’s yard sale and hung out for a little while. John headed off to school shortly after we got home. We then started the dreaded project of cleaning the girls’ room. It actually went a lot better than usual: there was very little crying and Tayleigh didn’t get any time outs. John got home from school earlier than expected and got to spend some time with the girls. Mark and Sara took us out to dinner at Red Robin that night for John’s birthday and other than the girl’s disappointment that they didn’t get to stay for cake and ice cream, we had a lot of fun. While we were waiting for our table to be ready we walked around the mall and went into Gap for a few minutes. Eden and Emma were cracking me up. Everything that they saw they ran up to it, “Ohhhhhh! Look at this! Look how cuuute!” I kind of wonder what we have taught our kids. They had a great time.

Today has been kind of crazy. I had an early meeting and then had to make some copies for Relief Society. I got home and had just enough time to fix dinner to put in the fridge before our home teachers came over. When they left I made lunch and then we all got ready and walked to church. During RS the nursery leader brought Tayleigh to me and told me she had to go the bathroom. I was confused and asked if she needed a diaper. Apparently during nursery Tayleigh had pulled up her dress and announced that she had to go to the bathroom. So I took her. And she went. I’m kind of hoping this is a trend we are starting. As soon as church was over, I stuck dinner in the oven and headed to a Visiting teaching appt. and then came home just in time to eat. And after that I crashed.

I hope that you are all doing well!

Love Rachel

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