18 March 2007

Family Letter

Hello Family,

Monday was an unexpectedly busy day. In the morning the girls and I went on a walk with the RS presidency to try and meet some of the inactive sisters in our ward. We only had a little success. No one was home but an investigator who lives in one of the apt. buildings that we were at saw us and came out and talked for a little while. Not only did we get to visit with her but we found out that some the sisters that we were trying to contact had moved. Eden rode her bike the whole time, and other than stopping and starting constantly, I think she had fun. That afternoon I took the girls to play at a friend’s house and got to visit with their mom. We had FHE that night and we played hide and seek for our activity. John and Tayleigh came up with the best hiding spot: sitting on top of the washing machine with the doors closed. It took Eden and me a long time to find them.

Tuesday was preschool and Tayleigh and I ran errands. It was such a nice day that we went to the park a few minutes before we were supposed to pick up Eden. Apparently Eden’s teacher had the same idea because her class was already there. The girls had a great time playing for a little while.

Wednesday we had ballet and then came home for lunch. I had a doctor’s appt. that afternoon and one of my friends watched the girls for me while I went. When I got home we traded and her little girl came over to our house to play until dinner time. The girls had a great time playing outside. It has been so nice lately that it is unbelievable. I had a meeting that night and John stayed home with the girls. When I got home, he headed off to a volleyball game with Bob and Johnathon, which I heard, went extremely well.

Thursday was preschool and Tayleigh and I spent the time at Sara’s just hanging out. I don’t think that we really did anything for the rest of the day. John was able to come home in time for dinner for most of this week. It has been really nice. The girls especially have enjoyed it.

Friday morning we got going kind of slowly. We met some friends at the park in the morning and then ran a quick errand before Booker came over to play. Karla dropped him off for a while and the kids mostly played outside. It is so nice to be able to just send them outside. When Karla got back I left to go grocery shopping, ALONE! The girls had a blast with Booker. I think that we went on a walk that afternoon.

Saturday we had Zach all morning while Bob and Julie moved into their new house. They played outside most of the time and were filthy by the time Zach left, but they had a blast. John had to spend the morning at school giving a presentation for a research conference. After he came home and rested for a little bit we all went over to Bob and Julie’s with the outward purpose of picking up the crib, but I wanted to see their house. We were able to help them out a little bit while we were there, which helped John’s guilt complex—he felt really bad that he hadn’t been able to help them that morning. We came home and ate dinner and then after the girls were in bed, watched The Da Vinci Code, which wasn’t as awful as we had heard, but it wasn’t that great either.

This morning John had a meeting, but I for once had nothing! It was really nice to be able to take my time getting everyone ready to go. We walked to church as it was another gorgeous day. Our classes were enjoyable but John had to miss parts of them as he had to substitute in the library today. He has gained a new respect for the librarians. We came home and ate dinner pretty quick and then I read to the girls for a while. They are in bed now, but a long way from being asleep.

We love you all!


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