14 January 2007

Family Letter

Hello Friends and Family,

Monday was John’s first day back at school after the holiday break. I think I went shopping but I can’t remember. We had FHE, much to Eden’s delight and played the animal game for Tayleigh and Crazy 8’s for Eden. The funny thing about the animal game was that originally one of us would pretend to be an animal and the others would try and guess what that animal was. Well, I think that the girls have lost sight of that goal and now announce what they are before they pretend. Tayleigh is hilarious. She generally starts out by being a lion, crawling around on all fours and roaring. Then she goes to being a tiger: crawling on all fours and roaring. On to being a bear: crawling and roaring. Then she runs out of ideas.

Tuesday morning was preschool and Tayleigh and I ran errands most of the time. We had an uneventful afternoon and evening. John went and played basketball at the church.

Wednesday was ballet and due to Sarah’s chicken pox we went to Wal-mart instead of Lesa’s during Eden’s class. I had a RS meeting that night and got to go meet some new sisters in the ward, which is always fun. My memory of this week is terrible.

Thursday was preschool again and we spent the time at Sara’s so Tayleigh could play. She and Gabe have a pretty good time together. Eden made a turtle bank that she was pretty excited about. The drive home was a little slow as it was snowing pretty hard, but we made it safely. John came home pretty early Thursday afternoon. I know it is only the first week, but I am kind of hoping that it is indicative of the rest of the semester. I am really hoping for both our sakes that it will be a bit lighter than last semester. I had a short enrichment meeting here that night and we were entertained by the girls running laps around the house.

Friday morning was a little crazy. I had 5 little girls under the age of 4 for about an hour and a half. Everyone got along for the most part. I think that the girls had a lot of fun, but one interesting tidbit: Eden didn’t cry when it was time for everyone to go home, like she usually does. I think it was a little much for her too. The rest of the afternoon was pretty quiet, as I had to take a nap after that.

Saturday we stayed home and played games. I think that Eden really enjoyed it. She generally asks what the next day is going to be and what we are going to do on that day, and when she asked about Saturday I told her it was going to be really cold and we were just going to stay home and snuggle in our warm house. She added, “and play games?” I agreed and sure enough Saturday morning she pulled out the games. We played all of her new games and then some. I think she likes game days. I know that I enjoy doing nothing. We had kind of a funny misunderstanding this week. I was watching the weather when a commercial came on for some restraint having a big special on crab. Eden announced that she didn’t like crab and Tayleigh piped in that she didn’t like crab either. “I just like poo.” I thought that was pretty random and asked if she meant pooh bear. She said no, “just crab poo.” I left it at that just thinking that we had a crazy daughter. Later in the week I was putting some things away that I had picked up at the store and Tayleigh pulled out a bottle of kids’ shampoo that we had bought earlier in the week. She got really excited about it and I asked her to put it in the bathroom which she happily did. When it was time to get in the bath that night she got really excited again and said “Yeah! Crab poo!” It was then that I realized that the shampoo bottle had a picture of a crab on it. I was a little relived that my daughter didn’t actually like poo.

Today was a little hectic. John and I had meetings this morning at the same time so the girls had to come with us and stay with John for the first half of his, and since mine was with the bishop, I just snuck out halfway through to take the kids. I really don’t like having 1:00 church. We came home from meetings and I took a nap and the girls watched a movie. We ate lunch and then headed to church. Eden did well again in primary, but I feel bad because it is my responsibility to pick her up after primary because the primary room and RS room are right next to each other. Well, for the second week in a row she has been the last kid in there. And not just in her class. In the entire primary. We may have to work out another arrangement so that John picks her up so that she isn’t abandoned. After church we made dinner as fast as we could because we were all starving and we had to get Tayleigh to eat. She was nodding off sitting up. It was pretty funny. Needless to say, they went to bed early.

Well that was our week. One favor. I am out of books. Any recommendations?

Thanks! Love you all,


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