28 January 2007

Family Letter Jan. 28, 2007

Hello Family,

I think this may be more condensed than usual. It has been a long day. The week started with us spending lots of time in the bathroom. We tried a new technique with Tayleigh: Set the timer for 10 minutes. She tries until it beeps and then set the timer for an hour and she tries again when it beeps. She got used to it and was willing to try because I was willing to read to her while she was sitting there. Did we have any success? Nope. Day 2? Nope. Day 3? Nope. We have given up for now. I think that it was just frustrating both of us more than necessary. We had FHE and played crazy 8’s for the activity. Eden doesn’t mind losing now, as long as we play another game until she wins.

Tuesday was preschool and Tayleigh and I ran a couple of errands and then played at Sara’s. Eden is earning preschool money now and is pretty excited for the day when they will have their preschool store. Apparently her teacher has rainbow pencils that she is just coveting. She has decided that she doesn’t like the boys in her class because they play guns. She on the other hand likes dress up and ponies.

Wednesday we went to ballet and the girls got to see a picture of what their costume looks like for their spring recital. They are doing a piece from Swan Lake and are very excited about the prospect of being swans. We stayed and played at Lesa’s and ate lunch. The girls had a great time. I think John got home kind of early that day. He and Mike drove down to Payson to borrow Karl’s boots for snowboarding and Ashlyn hung out at our house and ate pancakes for dinner with us.

Thursday we went to preschool again, but Tayleigh and I went to my Grandma’s while Eden was in school and met my mom there. I went and picked up Eden and lunch and took it back to my Grandma’s and we had a great time together. Eden makes my grandma laugh more often then not. Mainly because my Grandma has a hearing problem and misunderstands half of what Eden says. At one point Eden was trying to convince Grandma to run and then jump and then spin and was demonstrating. My mom and I thought this was funny enough, but when Eden said “follow me” somehow my Grandma heard, “fall on your head.” It was pretty funny. The best was when my Grandma actually did run and then spin. (She left out the jump, and Eden was a little disappointed. My mom and I enjoyed the show, however.) John got home not long after we did that night.

Friday morning we met some friends at the mall and played at the play place there. The girls had a blast. The rest of the afternoon we spent cleaning. Not a very exciting day.

Saturday I ran to the store and then John went up to school for a couple of hours. That afternoon we went to the BYU basketball game, where I ruined all fun when I spilled a very full, and, might I add, very expensive cup of lemonade all over the floor beneath us. I blame pregnancy. Anyway, it was a pretty good game which BYU somehow managed to win despite the fact that they were not playing very well. We came home and discovered that Eden has made a new friend, her babysitter, Emily. I love that the girls are so willing to play with new people. All I had to do was explain that a big friend was coming over to play while we went to the game and the girls were fine with it. They were excited about it. We watched my Super Ex-Girlfriend, which probably wasn’t worth the time and then I went to bed while John stayed up forever.

This morning I had an early meeting and then as soon as I got home John went home teaching. I got the girls ready to go and we headed to our horribly late church after lunch. The girls did well and we even got to have a friend sit with us for part of the time, as her mom gave a talk in sacrament today. She actually did a really good thing. Her name is Marianne, and she decided to direct her talk to the children of the ward for one section, the youth for another and finally for the adults. She did an incredible job. Eden listened intently as soon as she realized that she was being addressed on her level. Marianne’s daughter, Myka, listened pretty well too, but I think it’s harder to be impressed when it’s your mom up there. The best part was that the adults really enjoyed the children’s and the youth’s part as well. The subject was the atonement and she was able to explain it in 3 different ways that each age level was able to appreciate. I was really impressed. Anyway, after church we came home and got dinner ready ASAP so that I could head back to the church for VT interviews. We weren’t as busy as last week and we got finished a lot earlier, so that was nice. But I am exhausted. So, I hope that you have all had a great week and I am going to bed.

Love you all,


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