12 June 2006

Famly Letter

Hello my family and Friends and Happy Father’s Day!

So, this week has been pretty good, kind of a low key week, but that was really nice. Monday morning we ran errands as usual, and then came home and cleaned house. That afternoon John came home in time for us to go pick up an aerobic rider that I had requested off of freecycle.org. It’s a great thing, if you’ve never heard of it. We came home and I made a quick dinner and we had FHE. I really love how much Eden loves having home evening. Her favorite thing is obviously the activity, but she really enjoys choosing a picture from the picture kit and talking about it.

Tuesday morning we stayed home and worked in the garden. I have everything planted and I have a neighbor who will be watering while we are gone, so it is possible that I might actually see some produce out of my garden! Actually, we realized that we have a cherry tree in our backyard and that they are ripe, so the girls helped me pick some cherries. The birds have eaten off most of them, but we still managed to get a fair amount. We have also been eating some lettuce out of our garden and Eden was really excited about that. It was the first time that she willingly let me put salad on her plate. That afternoon I got to go use my Old Navy gift card—all by myself! It was great!

Wednesday morning we headed over to the library for one of the two story times that we will get to go to this summer. Julie and Zach came and the girls enjoyed it as usual. We were supposed to go swimming that afternoon, but the wind picked up and really cooled everything off. Eden is so positive. She had been asking to go swimming and as soon as I saw that it wasn’t really going to be a possibility I started trying to let her down easy. I would point out the wind or the dark clouds and she would always replay, “Don’t worry mommy, they will be gone in a few minutes.” That and Eden came up with a fever all of a sudden. It was really weird. It wasn’t a high fever, and she was acting fine. The only thing was that she lay down on the couch and took a nap, which she NEVER does. When she woke up I gave her Tylenol and she was fine the rest of the night. Sara and Emma and Gabe came over to play for a little while because we didn’t get to go to the pool. I had to go visiting teaching and Sara was gone when I got home. It really made Eden’s day though.

Thursday Eden woke up with no traces of fever and asking to go to the pool. We ran errands, getting things ready for California. That afternoon Mark called and invited John to come up and play volleyball and we all invited ourselves along and Mark and Sara kindly fed us dinner. They played volleyball and we played at the park and everyone had fun.

Friday morning we cleaned up the house and played all morning. It was a quiet morning and that wasn’t quite enough for Eden who kept asking to go somewhere fun or to have someone come to our house. We need to make some more friends for that poor child. That afternoon I got ready for Girls night and John had a blast with the girls. Karla picked us up and after some confusion about the restaurant, which involved poor Sara looking for a restaurant that didn’t exist; we ended up at Macaroni Grill, and had an absolutely wonderful time. I’m pretty sure that everyone in that restaurant hated us though. We ended up leaving about half an hour after the place closed. We had a great time.

It was kind of hard to get up Saturday morning since I had been up 3 or 4 times during the night with the girls. I really needed to run some errands without children and finally got out of the house by about 10:30. I got everything I needed and came home to eat lunch with John before he went off to play golf with Mark. They were gone for a very long time and we cleaned the house and picked more cherries and more lettuce and made some Father’s day cards and ate dinner while they were gone. When they got home the girls were in bed and John and I watched a movie together.

Today went pretty well. The girls were both pretty ornery in sacrament but we never had to take them out. I only had three kids in my class today, despite the fact that they put both sunbeam classes together. We came home and ate lunch and headed to my mom’s house, where we ate dinner. It was a lot of fun and the girls really love spending time with their grandparents. Eden wanted us to leave them so they could spend the night like they did last week. We may have to use that to our advantage some time. . . We had a great dinner and despite the fact that the swamp cooler was broken, we all had a pretty good time.

So that is our week. We are pretty anxious to get to California, even though we are not nearly ready enough. We are really going to miss our friends and family here though. We love you all,


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