05 June 2006

Family Letter

Hello all, once again,

This week has sped by. I can’t believe it is already halfway through June! Time is flying. Monday I think that we stayed home and cleaned. As a reward for cleaning their room we filled up the kiddie pool and the girls got to swim. John went and played Golf, and came home just in time for FHE. We played “snakes and ladders,” Eden’s favorite game, for our activity, and much to Eden’s dismay, she lost. That led to a nice long talk about good sportsmanship and about 20 min of getting her to stop crying. At one point the girls had gone into their room and John and I were in the living room and I could her Eden lamenting to Tayleigh, “I didn’t win!”

Tuesday morning we picked up Eden’s friend Katie, and took her with us to run errands and then kept her for the rest of the day. Danica and her husband spent the whole day packing and getting ready to head out for Missouri the next day. We made a picnic lunch and then picked up John at school and headed to the park to eat. John couldn’t stay for a really long time, so the girls didn’t get to play on the park equipment; they just got to run around. As long as they don’t know what they are missing, they don’t care. We came home and after quiet time and naps, we filled up the pool and played outside until the sun went away and the wind started up. We got to play with Katie for a little while longer and John went over to their house to help move the big stuff. Not long after he came home, Danica and David came to pick up Katie, and we had to say goodbye. It is really a bummer that they had to move. We are really going to miss them.

Wednesday morning we had the ward playgroup at our house for finger-painting. (Outside of course). I just made the paint out of pudding and food coloring and I think that more paint ended up in mouths and on clothes than it did on the paper, but the kids had a great time and got to make a mess without getting in any trouble. That afternoon we were supposed to go to Helaman Halls, but just as we were getting ready to go a thunderstorm blew up and so we had to stay home. John went golfing again that afternoon with a guy from the ward and the girls and I stayed home and played.

I spent most of Thursday morning outside pulling weeds. There were a lot more than I thought out there. We spent the rest of the day at home. I thought about going to the pool, but another Thunderstorm killed that idea. John went and played golf that afternoon with Johnathan and didn’t get home till late.

Friday morning Karla and some of her kids came over and hung out. The kids had a great time playing until it was time to pick up Savannah from soccer camp and then we all went to the creamery for ice cream. Eden was bummed when it was time to leave and she found out her cousins weren’t coming with her. We came home and got ready to go to Grandma’s house. We took the girls up so my parents could watch them while we went to celebrate our anniversary. We went to Johnny Carino’s for dinner and then went and saw X-men 3, which was really good, and as I said to John when it was over, they are so going to make another one. We stayed that night at a nearby hotel and the girls stayed at my mom’s.

The next morning we went to breakfast, but not before running some extra diapers to my mom’s house. Apparently I underestimated the amount of diapers when I packed. Breakfast was really good. I love going out to breakfast. The girls were excited to see us, but they had had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa, and I’m pretty sure Grandma and Grandpa had a great time as well. We had made plans to go to Wheeler farm, and since John is allergic to horses, he decided to go golfing instead. The girls loved the farm and got to take a pony ride. We asked Eden if she wanted to ride on a horse and she said no she didn’t want to and whined until we stopped trying to talk her into it. Then we watched a little girl riding a pony and Tayleigh turned around and said, “I want a ride!” So, Eden changed her mind and they had a great time. On the way home from Salt Lake John got a call from a friend asking if he wanted to go golfing, so I dropped John off at the golf course and he got a ride home. We had leftovers for dinner and went to bed early.

This morning was a little hectic. It was very obvious that Tayleigh had missed her nap yesterday John had to take her out for the first time in a long time. Primary went okay, and the girls had a great time in their class. Since we have been home we have just been relaxing and taking it easy, which is really nice to do after such a busy weekend. I can’t believe we will be leaving for California in less than two weeks. Eden is really excited and so am I, but I am really going to miss our ward.

I hope all of you are doing well,

Love Rachel

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