29 May 2006

Family Letter

Hello all,

It is early Monday morning and I am trying to write this as fast as possible for Emily’s sake. She only checks her email on Mondays and I really hope that I haven’t missed her. Let’s see if I can remember all the way back to last Monday. . . John didn’t have school but he did go golfing, so the day wasn’t too unusual for us. The girls and I ran errands in the morning. That evening we went to Danica’s for a BBQ. They had all of their friends over, and it was really for Katie’s friends, so that those they don’t see on a regular basis would get to say goodbye. They are moving to Missouri this week and we are totally bummed. In fact, when I talked to Eden about it, her only comfort was that we would be “moving” to California in a few weeks. We had a great time that night and Danica and her husband had gotten a piñata for the kids. We had a bunch of 2 and 3 yr. olds hitting it, and then Danica finally broke it open. The kids loved scrounging for the candy.

Tuesday morning we went walking. There is a cemetery close by that we walk through on occasion, and we thought that today would be a good day, seeing as it was full of flowers. It was cool to see how many were remembered, but we felt stupid, as we ended up having to walk right though a funeral. When we came home, we headed right back out to Sam’s Club, and then that afternoon we took Danica to her son’s Dr. appt., as she has no car. John got home earlier than expected. He took his midterm and it didn’t take him quite as long as he thought it would. We don’t know yet whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

We walked again on Wednesday, but avoided the cemetery. We ended up at the park, where our playgroup was supposed to meet, but apparently everyone forgot. Either that or the park is just getting old. We headed home for lunch and then met Julie and Zach at Helaman Halls. It wasn’t too busy and the girls had a great time. They are getting more and more comfortable in the water. Tayleigh even, voluntarily, took her floatie off. She went under a couple of times, but she still didn’t want the floatie back and she didn’t freak out too badly. We’re still working with Eden on that one. John even stopped by the pool on the way home from school. When we got home the girls watched a movie (they were exhausted and it was just too late for a nap!) I made dinner and then went visiting teaching and straight from there to the church. I had to work in the nursery for the other ward’s enrichment night. We trade off with the wards in our building, taking turns with each other’s nursery so that all the sisters can attend their own enrichment for the whole time. It wasn’t too bad. We only had 4 kids and there were three of us. And, I got someone to sub for my sunbeam class for the time that we will be in California. I’m really excited about that.

Thursday morning was our last morning walking with Danica. Things are just getting too hectic with her moving. I’m really going to miss walking with her. It is a lot more fun walking and talking than just walking. After walking we came home and did chores and then that afternoon when John came home we went up to Mark and Sara’s for dinner. We had a great time and they had their kiddie pool set up, so the girls got to go swimming. They loved it.

Friday morning the girls and I walked over to the library. As story time still hasn’t started, we just checked out books, and we signed up for the summer reading program. The girls got a free t-shirt and thought that was the coolest thing in the world. I realized later that we would not be around when they hand out the prizes or when they have the pool party in August. I was kind of bummed. John went golfing when he got home from school and I got a call to take a dinner to a family in the ward. Their little girl, Eden’s age, was in the hospital with pneumonia. Pretty scary. When John got home we watched Good Night, and Good Luck (good movie by the way) and folded laundry.

We laid around and did nothing until about 10 Saturday morning. I went to the bank to open savings accounts for the girls. We’ve been meaning to do that for a long time and it felt good to get it out of the way. When I got home John was heading out the door to go look for new golf shoes, so we decided to go with him for a little while. We only went to one store, here they didn’t have any shoes at all and then he dropped us off to eat lunch and went looking some more. The girls and I ate, and then Tayleigh went down and John came home with a new pair of shoes (his anniversary present) and an old Navy gift card (my anniversary present). When Tayleigh woke up we went over to the veteran’s pool to meet the family and had a great time. The girls were a lot more daring than usual and Tayleigh even asked to go down the big slide. The only problem, when they got out of the pool they both had red welts where they had been using the tops of their feet to push themselves around in their floaties. The boys decided to play volleyball afterward, so we stopped at Arby’s on the way home and Sara came over for a little while to let the kids play. Everyone was really tired, so they didn’t last long.

Sunday was a long morning. We stayed up too late Saturday night and when the girls came to get me in the morning I wasn’t in the greatest mood. I realized that it was Fast Sunday and that the lesson that I had prepared the night before on Taste probably wasn’t exactly appropriate, so I had to plan another lesson. The girls weren’t awful in Sacrament, Tayleigh was just really loud. The couple behind us got a big kick out of her because she is constantly saying random things. “Someone’s coming!” “There’s a dragon here!” “My dolly fell down!” Etc. In my class, the little boy who is a little rambunctious was awful. The girls weren’t that great either. I came home exhausted, and luckily John let me take a nap. I made a very simple dinner; I didn’t have the energy to do anything else. As I told John, it will be nice when I can come home from church and still have enough energy to make dinner. After dinner John took a nap and I played with the girls. We did puzzles, played “snakes and Ladders” and worked on the tape for Emily some more. The girls went to bed pretty early. They were still tired from the day before. John and I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I liked it so much better than the old one. I thought it was hilarious! John even liked it.

Well, that was our week. Our lives are busy, but fun, especially with two crazy little girls. Love you all,


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